Are You in a Relationship or a Partnership?

Ok so someone should seriously alert whoever’s in charge of issuing common sense that society, as we know it, is on the brink of definite failure. Why the dramatics you ask? Well yesterday while I was casually conducting my weekly Instagram sweep, I came across an unforgivable post. It was a picture of Stevie J and Joseline and the caption read “Couple Goals”. To make matters worse, it had likes, like 60 of them. This lead me to wonder exactly how Instagram would allow such fuckery and when we as people began calling wrong, right and toxic, healthy. Lets look at why its always better to be in a partnership vs a relationship.

Seeing any sort of “goal” label stamped over the circus that is Stevie J and Joseline’s relationship is like praising Ike and Tina, shipping for Chris Brown and Rihanna, or rooting for Selena and Justin. Some couples just don’t belong together no matter how badly they would like to be in a relationship. But then again we do live in a age where what we see is what we perceive to be the truth. How does that affect society? Honestly, it doesn’t affect society, its just slowly sucking the life and sense out of us.

We are so drawn to the glamour of things, “if it seems good, it must be”, right? Ha, completely wrong. What we see on social media are relationships, what we don’t know is if it’s a partnership and there is a huge difference.

A relationship consists of whatever two individuals agree on, a partnership is a mutual understanding of love, honesty and most importantly, respect. It’s more than two people spending their lives together, it’s two people that have dedicated themselves to each other. It’s an unconditional love, a team, an acceptance of who they are and an intense need to protect the future they are building. Instagram posts don’t build bonds, connections and respect, it’s just a showcase of two people together at the moment. Whether or not they actually have something more than a selfie together is up to the couple. Just remember next time you want to idealize someone’s life or relationship off of social media, you’re only seeing a very small glimpse into their lives; what happens behind closed doors will stay there. In other words, they could be miserable but that selfie won’t show it. There’s filters for that now.

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