I Only Date Guys With Money, Am I Shallow? | #SnapConfessional

Its that time again, snap confession time that is! So sit back, relax and enjoy as we all try to maneuver through life love and all things embarrassing. As you all may know we have a segment called #SnapConfessionals where people submit questions or life experiences to us and we give them our honest opinion while they remain anonymous. The confession reads:


So I just turned 30  and realized I cannot keep wasting time on guys that just don’t have their priorities straight. For the last few months now I’ve only been dating men that make at least six figures and I thought that maybe things would be different. I still haven’t found anyone I can see spending the rest of my life with and I’m desperate to know where I could be going wrong. The men I have dated are super selfish and way to into their careers or they’re pretty controlling which I hate. I want to get married and have children soon but I need to be with someone I know can financially handle it and are mature enough for it. I’m out of ideas on who to date and just want some advice. Thanks


Something about turning thirty that makes life seem so much more serious, or so I’ve heard. As far as dating goes theres nothing wrong with creating preferences for yourself and who you date depending on the type of life you want to live. Some people would definitely consider this shallow, I would consider it smart but brutally honest. Never date someone you know can’t make you happy. Finances plays a huge part in the life and contentment of a relationship, so keep your standards. As far as thinking these guys will make a better partner, husband or father is a completely different story. Just because someone is financially stable, doesn’t mean they are mature. Dating men that make more money than the average person you will probably find 9/10 times that they career is their passion and they are usually very ambitious.

In dealing with these types of men you will have to make a few sacrifices. They may not be as attentive as a man that has a less demanding job. While a man with a less demanding job may not be able to give you the luxuries or financial security you are looking for. This comes down to personal opinion and what you can or want to deal with in a relationship. Really consider the pros and cons of both types of men but the right person won’t feel like a job. The right person will make you feel safe and secure but don’t try to force it by only dating one type of person. Be open to everyone you meet that you could see a future with and everything will fall into place. Never try to plan or schedule your love life, thats a sure way to an unhappy ending.

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