Men Don’t Like Women That Wear Weave

If I could waste my time doing anything else right now I would, even if my only option was to stare at a wall but unfortunately there’s people out there that actually care about this topic. Too harsh? Don’t blame me, men caring about women’s hairstyle is a literal sign that the human race is failing. So, do men really prefer women that don’t wear weave over the ones that do?

Social media is known as the home of trolls and their opinions so their comments don’t carry much weight but unfortunately they have also joined the discussion. So lets discuss weaves,  women and hairstyles:

If your logged onto the world of social media at all you’ve probably seen this discussion at least once or twice, yes the discussion about women’s hair. Some men have absolutely nothing to say about women’s tresses because they literally could care less and probably spend their time doing other things, like living life maybe. Other men have a lot to say about women’s choice of hairstyle and if we are au natural. While I have no issues with a man that likes his woman naturally striking, I have to be the one to burst the bubble. I know Beyonce promised that all us women “woke up like this” but um she lied.

We don’t wake up fabulous and ready to walk down a runway, maybe queen Bey does but she’s queen fucking Bey. Us normal women wake up looking like Jake from state farm then magically transform into miss America after a few beauty rituals. So can I understand why men feel as if they have been maliciously lied to by us women? Im still going to have to vote no.

Im not saying deception is ok but everyone pretty much lies when they first meet someone they like. Women wear weave and makeup and men exaggerate their tax bracket or … size. The real issue here isn’t weave or even size (I take the size part back, that’s totally important) but its the fact that we rely on features to dictate if someone is a good person or a bad person. Weave doesn’t make you a better or worse person, neither does tax brackets, the amount of money in the bank, or the number on a weight scale. It’s the type of person, their character and who they are that is going to determine how someone treats you and if they are a good person.

The fact that this is an actual system used by both men and women to determine a judge of character is what makes me afraid for humanity. Don’t get me wrong, I wish it was as easy as saying “hey, she wears extensions. She’s not wifey material” or “OMG he’s a pharmacist. He’s definitely a cheater.” but its not that simple. In fact theres nothing simple about it. It takes time, a little emotional turmoil and more time to really get to know someone, so can we please leave weaves out of the discussion. The only exceptions here are men that had a bad experience dating a weave wearer. Yes you’re allowed to judge based off that one bad relationship. Just don’t be shocked if it takes you about 3 decades to find a non weave wearer because just about every woman has a mannequin with a wig on it hanging in her closet.

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