What To do When Your Friend Dates Your Ex

I am still feeling the sad aftermath of Bella Hadid and the Weekend’s split but to make it even worse, Bella’s apparent friend Selena Gomez is now smashing her ex. Why Selena, why? Im doing my best not to judge Selena. I mean who knows? Maybe Justin Bieber stopped responding to her texts and the Weekend took an opportune moment to swoon her with some of his impressive high notes. Thats the lie I’m going with and don’t try to sway me. Anyways, if you ever find yourself in Bella’s shoes, heres what to do when your friend starts dating (or smashing) your ex :

Tip #1 : Drop them both. So your ex is an ex for a reason and now that friend should also adopt the dreaded one letter title. Cut both of these individuals out of your life because they clearly have no respect or regards for your feelings. Of course the heart wants what it wants (selena’s words, not mines) but how does that ever make it ok? They booth deserve the boot, the ax, the curb, whatever you refer “get the fuck out of my life” to.

Tip #2 : Speak to the ex. Now if this is really bothering you and i mean like tossing ad turning all night bothering you then you could resort to trying to talk some sense into your ex. This depends on several factors though. The biggest one being respect and since we’ve already established the obvious fact that there is no respect here, you may be on a suicide mission. In the strange instance that they hear you out and are able to empathize with you they might drop the friend. But just to reiterate, there is a fat chance of this happening. In other words, move on.

Tip #3 : Sabotage their relationship. Im not going to lie I am definitely sitting back waiting, hoping and wishing, that Bella pulls together some elaborate scheme that breaks up the weekend and Selena. Maybe I’m being too honest here. The one advantage you have here is you know your ex and your friend very well. Well enough to probably set a few things into motion that could poison this deplorable union. Of course this is the unhealthy route to take and the only person you’re going to end up hurting here is yourself, yada yada yada. Now that I’ve warned you about the risks, start scheming.

Tip #4 : Move on. This is the best tip to follow in this situation because like I previously mentioned neither of these individuals care about your feelings, so find a way not to care about them and what they’re doing. These types of relationships are like homes built on Indian burial grounds; they’re riddled with ghosts and hauntings of the past. Realistically, how long do they expect this relationship to last? I doubt they’re going to end up skipping down the aisle because no matter what they do, the mention of your name or a simple run-in in public is going to be like stepping into an awkward time machine. You will always be that little grey cloud just floating over them. In other words, they’re demise is inevitable. Let that soothe the pain a little.

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