LA made me insecure, Help! | #SnapConfession

New confession came in that I thought was perfect to share with you all because why not bond over shared insecurities and relatable fails at life. As you all may know, we have a segment called Snap Confessionals where people submit questions or life experiences to us and we give them our honest opinion while they remain anonymous. The confession read :

“Hello Dahlia girls,

I am a 22 year old journalism major living in LA. Im from Tennessee so I thought moving here would be great. Maybe i’d meet the love of my life, some cool new friends and have a couple crazy LA experiences. But its been nothing like that. Last weekend I went to a party with a friend of mine from school and I met a cute guy there who I thought I was vibing with. After a few minutes into the conversation he told me I would look perfect if I got my boobs done! I flipped out on him made a scene and then he said he didn’t see the big deal because its LA and all the girls get it done. The sad thing is, this is not the first time this has happened to me. A couple of my friends have been dealing with this since they’ve lived here too. LA is pretty superficial. I don’t have thousands of dollars to afford the designer clothes and even if I had the money I wouldn’t want to get my boobs done or spend money on red bottoms. Being judged like this all the time is really starting to get to me and I’ve never really felt so insecure before.  I just wanted to know what advice you guys would give for a situation like this.”

First off, that guy and any man that would say that to a woman is a total troll. Just had to get that off my chest. Now moving on, sounds to me like you’re definitely hanging in the wrong crowds. Yes it’s Los Angeles, probably one of the most superficial places on the planet but that doesn’t mean everyone there is full of silicone injections and judgments. I think you should definitely find people who are more into the things that interest you. Los Angeles is a huge city filled with all types of people. Stop hanging out at parties, clubs and events, where the only people that show up are the types of people you don’t gel with. for example, If you like music but hate clubs and parties, go check out a open mic night or a live band. That’ll be the first step in helping you feel better about yourself.

It’s easy to feel insecure when it seems like no one gets you and the things you like. Surrounding yourself in more comfortable settings around more like minded individuals will help a lot. Then who knows? You just might meet that L.A. boyfriend and have a couple crazy nights but it’ll be your style of fun. Insecurity is killed when we start to do the things that make us feel good about ourselves, so start there. Just remember, you are in control of your happiness and your sadness; you just have to choose which life you want to live. We can attract good or bad into our life depending on our mental state and it takes a little work to remain in a good head space but it’s so worth it and everyone deserves happiness. Once you’ve found your happy medium stay far away from the tools, they can set your progress back for miles.


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