Plastic surgery is for insecure women?

“Plastic Surgery” are two little words that invoke a lot of emotion from all types of people. Some equate cosmetic surgery to one of the wonders of the world (the people that love it), others see it as a horrible form of devil worshipping that needs to be put to an end (the people that hate it), then there are the select few that literally could care less about plastic surgery and who gets it (no seriously, some people don’t care). Despite these conflicting opinions, they all may have one thought in common; “cosmetic procedures are for insecure people.” I apologize for the ignorance in that last sentence. I even had to take a shot of espresso after typing that, now that I’m wired on caffeine and fired up let’s debate this a little. 

Cosmetic surgery first started to become more normalized in the 1980’s with breast augmentations. Models and celebs strutted them around like new shoes during the time of rock and roll but plastic surgery still hadn’t made its way to the average person’s household just yet. Time jump to 2017 and people are getting procedures done round the clock like ordering a number 4 at chick-fil-A, celebs and school teachers alike. How did this happen?

We could blame social media because its more than likely the culprit. Butt implants are up a whopping 98% from 2014 and I have a feeling we can thank Kim Kardashian for that one because that’s how media works. When people are exposed to one type of beauty or one attractive feature, people may begin to process what they are seeing as the standard of beauty and may start to compare themselves to that standard. This is the point where insecurities or the idea to change something begins. Some people sign up for a rigorous 30 day squat challenge while others book an consultation at their local plastic surgeons office. Which is worse or better? Neither.

Plastic surgery can be a very serious procedure no matter how often its done; there’s a lot of risks, not to mention you could die. But if the only reason this procedure is being considered is because of someone else, like a boyfriend, or a bully that hurt your feelings, or Kim K’s glorious ass, that’s when cosmetic surgery becomes unhealthy. The benefits don’t always outweigh the risks with these procedures so anyone considering this should only do so because they want it themselves. That boyfriend could leave, that bully works at walmart now and Kim Kardashian is another person, of course she’s going to look different from you. My point? The only person on this planet worth risking your health and life for is yourself (if that made sense). Don’t jeopardize these things for anyone else but you.

Yes, insecure people do get plastic surgery just like people with good self esteem that wouldn’t mind a slight cosmetic alteration but why should we care what other people do with their lives. If it makes people happy to alter their body, let them. They are the one’s that have to live with their decisions.

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