Social Media Really Ruins Lives? 

Ever heard someone blame their break-up on Facebook? Or their most recent fight with a friend over an instagram post they took the wrong way? Or someone claiming Pinterest made them file for bankruptcy? If you’re logged in to the world of social media then you probably have heard these deplorable accusations. But the real question is, can social media ruin lives?

Once upon a time, long ago, families would spend time together at the dinner table and TALK. People would meet someone they have a bit of chemistry with and ask for their phone number. Road trips would consist of group sing alongs and interesting debates. Now families still eat together at the dinner table but spend more time checking out snapchats new filters. You can consider it a date when someone asks you for your Instagram profile because asking for your number is a toss up. And road trips are way worse than before now that everyone spends those 10 hours locked in a car on the way to grandma’s glued to twitter. Basically, social media runs the world.

The rise of these media outlets are due to everyone’s natural tendency to be nosey as hell and see into others lives like never before. Especially the lives of the rich and famous, since the average person will more than likely never experience those types of luxuries. You know like the yachts with garages, penthouse suites with elevators for cars, and rich socialites toting around the latest Hermes bag (my soft spot). Whatever your sick underlying motive may be to hang around on social media there is a point when things go from slightly obsessive and weird, to kind of stalker-ish and mentally unstable. I like to call it “the post of no return.” You’ve hit this rock bottom when you begin talking about social media in your weekly therapy sessions.

Some psychologists believe that social media can cause depression and they might have a point. Too much virtual reality and not enough reality does sound like the recipe for a mental breaking point. If you’re unhappy with your life and instead of focusing on yourself you rather watch your favorite celeb party it up in Dubai, you might lose your shit. Or if you’re mid-fight with a friend or loved one and instead of talking it out with them you decide to make a few subliminal ‘fuck you’ posts, you may suffer a severe falling out. If it seems like I’m making social media sound like some form of a drug thats because it is. It’s an outlet for some people, a way to escape their reality. Anytime we become dependent on something to make us feel better about real life it can become an unhealthy habit.

The solution? Ask yourself if you’re currently happy with your life. If not, figure out where and how you can improve those areas of your life. Treat this process like addiction therapy and the first step is acknowledgement. Log off and stay off until you have found happiness or peace within yourself. It’s still going to sting a little when you see Kylie get gifted a third Ferrari but it no longer has to be a reflection of how you’re sucking at life. Us normal people can find solace in a brand new Camry, from 2008, with over 100k miles but now we can snapchat in the car to old Genuine lyrics just like Kylie. See, theres always a way to see the glass half full. Ok I think I literally just gave the worst advice in the history of this blog.

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