He’s in a relationship, but I still want to sleep with him?

This is the perfect spot to insert the rolling eyes emoji because that’s exactly how I feel about this confession. As you all may know, we have a segment called Snap Confessionals where people submit questions to us and we give them our honest opinion, while they remain anonymous. This question came in hot off the press yesterday morning and I’m still feeling some type of way so how do I vent my frustrations? Blog about it to you all of course.

There’s only one of a few ways for this scenario to end so let’s discuss the train wreck that crashed into our dm’s yesterday.

Sleeping with anyone in a relationship is not only grounds for the worst kind of karma but it adds about 3600 other issues (give or take) to your life. So if you like drama, chaos, or high blood pressure, this is the way to go.

If you find out their not exactly single before anything happens then you’re in the clear. Just simply walk away and remove them from your snapchat friends list. If you find out they have a partner after sleeping with them, still proceed to following the advice mentioned above.

Now this scenario could be where things get slightly complicated and that’s when the love bug bites you in your homewrecking ass. Feelings are the root of all evil in this type of situation. Once you’re emotions become involved you may not start to react as rational and logical to certain circumstances. Pretty sure it makes you feel all special inside, when he can only talk to you between the hours of 11pm and 3am. Maybe it makes you feel better when he sees someone in public and hauls ass, completely leaving you alone in a cloud of dust. Or maybe it turns you on when he cancels plans with you to celebrate his anniversary with his wife. You’re just a rebel, aren’t you? All of these instances could be enough to make any person snap when not thinking clearly.

Solution to your feelings? See the situation for what it truly is. No person with any self esteem or self respect while in their right mind would be turned on by a taken woman or man (unless it’s George Clooney). The stress of dealing with this alone should be enough to put you off the idea. Then ask yourself why or how this individual could even be an option? Are they truly worth the headache? Because there will be repercussions to suffer, so make sure there’s more substance to this situation besides “she had those yams!” or “he took me to Olive Garden!”

Know what you are worth and you more than likely won’t allow yourself to get caught in this roller coaster ride to hell. If there’s some sort of financial gains you’re considering, then consider the fact that there’s so many amazing jobs in the world. At least one career field has to speak to you. If you’re considering this because you’re lonely, get a dog or a tumblr. I think I may have a solution for any of these reasons. Damn I’m good.

The point here is to stay away, far away from married people or people in relationships. This is one of those key situations where the benefits don’t even come close to outweighing the risks. To the person that asked this question, do yourself a favor and see a therapist or a priest. Maybe both.


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