5 Real Reasons Men Turn Down Sex from Women

We live in a world where men are portrayed as sexual beasts that can’t seem to think about anything other than “getting their rocks off”. I can easily say with confidence, a huge majority of women automatically assume that a man simply wants sex when he’s being genuine or makes a nice gesture towards her…. it’s pathetic. It’s shocking when you hear a man turning down sex from a woman, especially if she is beautiful.When a man turns down sex from an attractive woman, he is usually shamed or called gay  for his decision. There is a definite double standards when it comes to the initiation of sex between genders. Women want men to show more than just their sexual appetite, but when women show the same it can sometimes be intimidating and unwanted by men. Instead of assuming that the men that choose to decline sexual advances from women are homesexual here are 5 Real Reasons Men Turn Down Sex: 

Not Attracted

A lot of women have a hard time accepting that the guy they may be  interested in just isn’t attracted to them ,and that’s ok. Calling a man gay or being disrespectful isn’t going to change his mind if he is truly not interested . Let it go and don’t be desperate.


He’s Trying to be Faithful 

Although a guy may have given a woman his number and may have even gone as far to invite a her over for dinner, he still might turn down any sexual advances due to being in another relationship. Somewhere between the temptation of  flirty text messages and  Netflix and Chill, maybe he decided he wanted to be a faithful man.


He Has An STD

Not jumping to a  drastic change in topic but, there are people out there legitimately  living with STDs.  In today’s society, I feel that everything is so sexualized and appealing that we forget that not everything that looks good is golden.  Some men turn down sex while they wait for their herpes outbreaks to calm down. However, there is also the possibility that he wants to make sure the woman is healthy as well. Not every man is interested in jumping into bed with a woman without actually knowing whether she is healthy or not.


He’s Intimidated

Believe it or not, some men just aren’t turned on by a woman making sexual advances and throwing hints that she wants to get down and dirty. Sometimes men enjoy being in the power control role and the chase. Sometimes a woman’s straightforward sexual appetite can be too much for a man.



For some men, sex is not a stress reliever. Some are not able to turn down their stress level or whirlwind of emotions to even get turned on enough to sleep with a woman. I feel like we put so many expectations on how men should carry their emotions and sensitive sides. It’s as if,  even if a man had a shitty day, he should still be able to get aroused by the advances of a woman.





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