Possible Deadmau5 and Lil Yachty Collaboration in 2017?

At Decadence Arizona, one of America’s biggest NYE festivals, deadmau5 and Marshmello shared the same line up. Deadmau5 and Marshmello have a significant history of beef so  them coincidently having back to back set times created a potential situation of making things worse….(wonder who set that up?).Deadmau5 hit the stage first and the crowd erupted in “boredom” when he decided to switch things up and have a less commercial approach to his discography and take on a more underground feel……or better yet decided to play authentic techno music.

It’s no secret that Deadmau5 comes from an older generation of EDM culture, whereas Marshmello is apart of the new wave. The festival goers were more interested in the new wave of EDM culture rather than actually having an appreciation for real techno music. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, however, knowing that so many festivals are filled with teenagers and dick riders it puts things into perspective.  While deadmau5 has been receiving a significant amount of hate from fans, it appears that he’s having a good time trolling the situation. So much so that he teased the possibility of a collaboration with Lil Yachty who appears to be down for it. I’m definitely not the biggest Lil Yachty fan on the planet, however, I’m a sucker for unlikely music collaborations that have the possibility to start something completely new for not only EDM but the rap culture as well. I will always have respect for deadmau5 for not giving into mainstream expectations, and staying true to the music and what he loves. Let’s see if they actually go through with a collaboration in 2017.


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