6 Reasons to Date an Older Woman at Least Once

Drake and Jennifer Lopez’s recent  “publicity stunt” of a romance continues to heat up and  it appears to be more fun than games.  It’s no secret that Drake is a professional “soul snatcher” and his involvement with Jlo will probably go down in history as one of his most memorable hookups to date.  I seriously believe deep down  Drake is the ultimate savage and looks at being a male thot as a sport of some sort. Nonetheless, every time I see a picture of Jlo my heart skips a beat knowing that she’s 47 years old and still looks like a goddess. It makes me wonder if Jlo will ever be considered another washed up celebrity.

As of lately, I’ve noticed a lot of older women shutting down society’s shaming and standards of women being considered sexy after a certain age. It’s refreshing to see more and more women maintaining their health and unapologetically wearing what they want. Although I know that this whole Drake and Jlo thing will only last until they release new music, here are 6 Reasons to Date an Older Woman at Least Once.


They Know What They Want and Don’t Want

The benefit of dating an older woman is that she has more life experience to know exactly what she wants in a partner. She is straightforward from the beginning, and has no problem telling you exactly what it is she’s looking for. A younger woman say in her 20s, is usually still trying to figure out who she is as a person which can make things more challenging. I can without a doubt confess that at 25 years old, I learn something new about myself everyday.

Older woman are less likely to “play games” and  give mixed signals. In other words, there is less of a chance of getting friendzoned because an older woman is going to let you know if she desires you in a romantic sense. This  allows a man to be more honest with his own desires even if they are strictly sexual. There will be no need for using excuses to watch Netflix and Hulu as a cover for ” I want to have sex’. Older women know the real reason why a man is inviting them over and they will let it be known if they’re interested point blank. Many young women have rigid checklists and expectations of milestones that should be met throughout a relationship. For example, a young woman my want to be engaged by 27, married by 29….first child before 33. These expectations can sometimes be overwhelming for a lot of men, whereas an older woman is simply looking for a good man.


They are More Experienced

Older woman tend to be more experienced in the dating scene, sexually and in many other areas. Dating an older woman will give a man the opportunity to possibly learn a thing or two and the freedom to even explore himself in a profound way. Dating an older woman sometimes gives men the opportunity to grow. An older woman can show a man an entire world he may didn’t even know existed due to age and lack of experience. In our society, men are expected to pay for dates, take care of women and be a leader. It’s refreshing for some men to date a significantly older woman who has more power and to embrace that role switch.


They Have Their Own Life

Most older woman are set in their careers, have their own place, their own friends etc.  They usually have a life of their own unless a man chooses to get involved with the stereotypical lonely housewife looking to feel young one last time. Knowing that a woman has her own life can change the perception that a man has while in a relationship. It shows that the woman doesn’t necessarily NEED a man but, WANTS one in her world which is important.


She Doesn’t Sweat the Little Stuff

An older woman has been through enough heartbreaks, ups and downs and mistakes to know that she can handle just about anything. An older woman is not so quick to blow up after an unanswered text or for inconsistent WCW posts on Instagram.   An older woman isn’t going to feel like the relationship is meaningless if it’s not flaunted all over social media. She wants to make sure above everything that she’s happy and her needs are being met.


She’s Confident

Older woman are usually more confident and secure in who they are. They are confident in what they bring to a relationship and in what they have to offer. Older woman simply know themselves and are aware of what they are able to accomplish. They are able to give solid advice with confidence, usually because they have already experienced the situation in their own life. Older woman aren’t as threatened by other woman and are more likely to just end the relationship if they feel there is another woman.





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