#KillFridays Exclusive: NYE Edition

It is yet another Friday, which means we have a dope #KillFridays playlist to get you through the weekend and the festivities of bringing in 2017.  As always, we are KILLING FRIDAYS with some amazing music from various underground artists at different stages in their careers. Normally we spend hours digging through our submissions inbox, our DMs and the comments of our social media platforms, however, today we also chose to take a walk down memory lane. We wanted this playlist to be  special and to feature some of our favorites from the entire year. This was no easy task, considering we only hand pick the best tracks. We don’t choose artists based on their social media following, their amount likes or plays on their Soundcloud. It’s about picking the most talented artists every week to ensure your weekend is “Lit”. Thank us later.

This week we blessed you with “Corrupted Youth” by @PauliiitoTX ft Mateo Sun. @PauliiitoTX has been featured on a couple of our exclusive #KillFridays playlists and honestly we’re still trying to figure out why he hasn’t blown up yet…..

@EliasSostre is another artist that we featured this week and we are patiently waiting for him to blow up as well …..rather sooner than later.

It’s no secret that men significantly dominate the hip hop/rap scene, however,  @theestallion and @dashmachete had no problem holding their own this week. We first noticed  “Meg”, also known as The Stallion in a Houston cypher where she clearly killed everyone else participating. We’ve been in love with her ever since and we know 2017 might not be ready for her. I hate comparing artists to one another but, she could easily rip Nicki Minaj’s head off in a cypher…..just saying.

As for @DashMachete, her track “Be Nice” was featured this week and it’s just so damn catchy. Ready for new music from her. @TrayPizzy, @Sanogram, @NickBrassel_@Poindexter__ and @Chilly_Chills were also some of our favorite features.

A few others on our certified  kill list this week are:


@PorschePedro *skyxxx




First and foremost we wanted to recognize an artist by the name of @BossGoodie who was a consistent supporter of #KillFridays who passed away in October of this year in Denver due to gun violence. Rest in Peace.

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