Why Women Choose “Bad Boys” Over Good Men

I dare you to pick any day of the week and any hour of the day to just sit back and observe. Of all the strange things you will see, one of the most puzzling has to be spotting a successful, beautiful, or respected woman with a complete loser. It’s like they forgot who they were and accidentally downgraded. Well, there’s a reason for this very common phenomenon. Let’s discuss why women hate the “good guys” and love the bad ones.

Allow me to stir up all those old feelings of resentment you may still harbor towards your mother because of those strict house rules. Remember when she would force you to finish your dinner before dessert? Something about not being allowed to have that diabetes soaked treat that made your mouth water that much more for it. Same thing with women and bad boys. It’s human nature for us to be drawn to the things we can’t or shouldn’t want. The mystery combined with risk and curiosity is enough to make anyone want to know a little more. “Couldn’t hurt to see what all the fuss is about …”, is exactly how it all starts before we’re sucked into the endless cycle of bullshit. We know bad boys are worse than bad for us and of course mother wouldn’t approve, which makes them even more thrilling.

Now let’s break down the psychological reasons as to why we so stupidly allow ourselves to be swept off our feet by the worst types of men. In so many words, it’s a project. Women are natural nurturers and a man that is damaged is the perfect assignment. We can show them what it’s like to be loved. Make them civilized human beings again that aren’t afraid of emotions, feelings and vulnerability. This analogy may seem a little rough but there’s a reason why the mean, aggressive and abused dogs get left at the pound. Too much work.

Same should go for emotionally unavailable men. Leave them at whichever pound, club or other hopeless place you found them at. But we usually do end up adopting these sad souls and we do it for love. I know it sounds stupid to think that we can make anyone who’s not emotionally invested love us but that’s the whole point. For that guy who’s a little rough around the edges or that player that never settles down with anyone, to choose us; is like a fairytale. Maybe more like a ghetto-tale, depending on how many levels you sunk to pick this one up.

The fact that they’ll change their savage ways because they want to be with us translates to “you picked me”, and “I am worthy of even the most stubborn love.” That’s how us females operate. Good guys are just simply too easy and too eager. Most of you men don’t like settling down with easy women, it’s the same difference. We like a little challenge with a little resistance and nice guys don’t offer that. In other words, nice guys are boring. Sorry.

I know it doesn’t make much sense to you men out there and honestly, it hardly makes any sense to us either. Half the time we don’t even know we’ve gotten with a complete tool until one of our friends tell us. Love is blind, yes. But don’t be blind enough to overlook someone mistreating you. There is no excuse for that. Ok so good guys might be more predictable and less thrilling. But at least they dont tear you down and spit you out 10 years, 3 kids and a alcohol addiction later. Choose wisely.

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