Lady GaGa is back and drops new single “Perfect Illusion”

After three years of missing from the music scene Mother Monster is back! Being a Gaga lover myself since her 2009 VMA performance, her hiatus had met worried the artist was gone for good. Thankfully I was wrong, she was just in training to be that bad ass musician we all know and love. Take a listen to Gaga’s new song below!

American singer, Lady Gaga, has returned to music after a long break. She even gave acting a swing after starring in last seasons American Horror Story : Hotel in which she won a golden globe for. In so many words, the 30 year old has been busy multitasking her many talents and being fabulous. This morning she thought to remind everyone why she’s already a legend after releasing her new single Perfect Illusion.

I will admit the new song didn’t appeal to me immediately the way “Paparazzi” or “Bad Romance” did until I listened to the lyrics. Let me tell you, she basically summed up my love life with lines like “Mistaken for love, it wasn’t love. It was a perfect illusion.” And after a couple more listens, the upbeat tempo took me and the rest was history. It’s become a new favorite of mine. It’ll give you that Madonna 1980’s rebel vibe but who doesn’t love reimagined pop music?

This song will relate more to her Artpop album sound but it’s a more refined and confident Gaga. The song clearly talks about a romance that didn’t end too well, with her realizing the relationship was more of a dream than reality. And what woman hasn’t found herself in said similar predicament. She’s going to relate in more ways than one in her new single and since her experiencing some rough months in the love department; I can’t help but to think she’s talking about Taylor. The singer and actor Taylor Kinney spent five years together, then split after being engaged for 5 months. After a whirlwind romance like that I can’t help but to think that’s where she drew inspiration. Hey, works for Taylor Swift every time.

Check out Lady Gaga’s new single Perfect Illusion now! You will love it even if you don’t.


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