If a Man Pays for a Date…You Owe Him Sex?

In today’s dating culture, it is widely debated whether or not a man is expected to pay for the first date. Men are feeling used, after feelings of getting nothing in return for paying for the first date. To get a woman’s attention, is a man really obligated to cough up money on the first initial date in order to be seen as a potential “option” for the woman? If a man refuses to pay for the first date or simply would like to split the bill  , is he suddenly banished to the friend zone or listed as an unsaved number? The idea is that if a man takes the time to pay for your meal, [especially if he took you to an expensive restaurant] then  sex is expected at the end of the night. Let’s all keep it real, if a man spends $200 on a date, he’s expecting to get some ass at the end of the evening; not a simple kiss on the cheek and a “good night” text. The question is…do women owe this to men? 

Whether or not a man pays for the first date, completely depends on the person. There are some men out there that don’t mind or have the money to blow on dates and they don’t think twice about it. There are also women that feel more comfortable going half on the first date or paying for it altogether. I honestly feel that men who are either struggling with their finances, solely looking for sex or completely broke are the only men that are outraged with paying for a date. Men that spend $100…$200 or even $50 on a date and expect sex afterwards, are subconsciously putting a price on a woman’s pussy. So what he bought you lobster and steak on the first date; is that how much your pussy is worth? I feel like a man that wants sex that bad after one date should just go ahead and hire a fucking prostitute and kill two birds with one stone.


Men in 2016 will argue that paying for the first date means that he is indirectly paying for a woman’s time and that the relationship is starting off on unequal footing.  Despite this  90% of the time, the man is the one asking a woman out on the date to  began with; what sense does it make for a woman to come out of her pocket and pay for her meal and the man’s meal too. This is not to say that if two people were in a more long term dating situation, they couldn’t mutually treat each other. I am not saying that on date #5, it would be completely absurd for a woman to surprise a man with a date of her own. That is acceptable. But when it comes to date #1, women have spoiled men and honestly in some cases I can’t blame men for acting the way that they do. There are so many desperate and insecure ass women that are willing to fuck every man that treats them to a fancy dinner or expensive date.  Women often times, don’t expect or require much from men.  I’m not at all trying to pound some feminist bullshit into this post, but at what point is it okay for a man to feel entitled to some pussy after a date? Never.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, I do sympathize with men in terms of the dating scene when it comes to women. Women can also be very manipulative  and can have a man feeling as though she is interested in having sex or even a possible future when she does not have these intentions. She’ll say things like, ” I’ve never had a real man  like you”, or “there aren’t any good guys out here”. Women have the ability to make men feel like they are the best shit to happen to their entire life.  The problem is, however, there are many men that are insecure and don’t comprehend the game that they apart of . That isn’t our fault. Men allow their ego and ignorance to cloud their judgement. They  become a victim to free meals and fantasy pussy.

If you are a man that is interested in a simple sexual relationship with a woman, why take her out  on a $200 date and then get butt hurt that you didn’t see her tits. If a woman is attracted to you and enjoys your personality, you aren’t going to have to try as hard as you think to fuck her. It just might not happen within the first week of knowing her. Overall, it’s ultimately a woman’s decision to have sex on the first date. But with saying that, it’s also the man’s decision to pay for the date.  A man should never pull out all the stops, with the expectation that he might get some ass because in all honestly he might not. I feel that it is extremely necessary for men to have confidence and always have options when they’re dating.


            Do you think the man should pay for the first date? Leave us a comment below





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