Where is Frank Ocean’s Album, “Boys Don’t Cry”?

Frank Ocean has continued to break the hearts of many. We’ve journeyed down a roller coaster of uncertainty waiting for his long awaited album. Frank Ocean’s last album, Channel Orange, debuted back in 2012 and there has been a variety or rumors, tall tales and conspiracy theories as to when he will release his next project. If he will release his next project?

The new album is reportedly titled, Boys Don’t Cry, however, due to Frank Ocean’s track record in terms of his release dates it’s questionable as to whether the album will debut today. SnapChat has even gone so far as to unveil two new filters in honor of the album that is expected to drop today…..or not.


Fans are definitely showing that they are OVER the let down  of Frank Ocean hyping them up over an album that he may or may not release. The suspense is too much. Let’s just all collectively agree that he has the remainder of the day to make some shit happen. More importantly, if he does in fact release an album today, hopefully it isn’t mediocre….that would be the true disappointment.

Do you think Frank Ocean’s album will be mediocre?











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