Beyonce Premieres Her New Album “Lemonade”

Beyonce  released a visual for her new album Lemonade and I’ve been in formation since the Super Bowl. I just want Beyonce to know that I died 15 minutes into the premiere. “I can taste the dishonesty on your lips”. Beyonce sends us through the emotions of what appears to be a relationship that has been through the trials of cheating, however, ultimately reaching common ground in the end.  Suddenly the whole elevator incident all makes perfect sense and in actuality Beyoncé could be taking us through her own emotions within her relationship with Jay Z.  I can’t speak for men, but Beyonce wrapped up all the emotions a woman feels when she has been betrayed by the man she loves.

The entire visual of Beyonce’s album had be questioning what did Jay Z exactly do to  Beyonce during their relationship. More importantly, how do you cheat on Beyonce? Either way, Beyonce threw her whole entire soul and being into this album; meanwhile Jay Z officially has 100 problems. I love how she infused the  African and Louisiana culture throughout the entire visual. I loved how Warsan Shire’s poetry was quoted throughout Lemonade to portray her various emotions. I noticed a few familiar faces to include Zendaya, Jay Z, Winnie Harlow, Quvenzhabe Wallis and  Amandla Stenberg to name a few. Beyoncé also incorporated some of the families that have been affected by police brutality to include Sybrina Fulton (Trayvon Martin’s mother) and Al Jazeera America ( Michael Brown’s mother). Below are the different emotions that Beyoncé takes us through during the visual:

Intuition (Song-Pray You Catch Me): “I tried to make a home out of you. You remind me of my father the magician, able to exist in two places at once. You come home at 3 a.m and lie to me. What are you hiding?

 Beyonce is preaching the gospel as usual. As women, we have our own personal intuition  when  it comes to our relationships. In other words, we know when sh*t isn’t adding up, and we know when something feels wrong. When women start using their intuition we start to have a lot of questions for our partner; we want to know if they’re hiding something. In many circumstances, this is the stage where a woman may try and check text messages and investigate on social media. A woman’s intuition is a powerful thing. We always find out.


Denial (Song-Hold Up): “I tried to change and close my mouth more, tried to be soft, prettier,  less awake”. I saw the devil, and coiled deep inside me was the need to know are you cheating on me”.

Beyonce sends us through the feelings of denial. She appears to be underwater during a portion of this emotion, which symbolizes how sometimes it feels like we can drown in denial. You know that feeling where you don’t really want to accept what is really going on even after you’ve done a full blown investigation. You try and focus on things that you enjoy, you pray more, you try and be happy; but there’s that thought of  whether your partner is cheating? You’re feeling kind of crazy and don’t necessarily understand how the man you love doesn’t understand how much you love them. I noticed in the visual a man wearing shirt that said” In memory when I gave a f*ck”, and it reminded me that this is also the stage where women stop caring.

“What’s worse, looking jealous or crazy”?  Quite frankly I would rather look crazy. It’s safe to say that a lot of women out there will probably try and pull some Beyoncé stunts and smash the windows out of their man’s car to make a point this week.


Anger (Song-Don’t Hurt Yourself) : “ I can wear her skin over mine” Her hair over mine. Her hands as gloves. Her teeth as confetti. Her scalp as a cap. Her sternum my bedazzled cane. We can pose for a photograph, all three of us. You and your perfect girl”.

Beyonce asks the burning question “ Why can’t you see me , when everyone else can”.Beyonce  gives us a little bit of crazy as she reflects on the anger she feels within her relationship.  She says in her song that, you ain’t married to no average b*tch boy”. As a woman you start thinking, maybe you are actually too much for your partner. Your partner may make you feel as though you are ordinary , when in all actuality you are so much more. “When  you play me , you play yourself. When you lie to me, you lie to yourself”. I’m not sure if Beyoncé intentially meant to channel the late Prince with this line, but he definitely said this in an interview he did a while ago and it made me think of him. In other words, men think they are winning by lying and doing dirt in a relationship but, in actuality they are only screwing up one the best things in their life a lot of times.  “This is your final warning. If you try this sh*t again , you gone lose your wife”. Beyoncé slapped me in the face with that last line. If you mess up again, then I’m leaving the relationship. It concerns me to even fathom that Beyoncé may have been on the brink of leaving her marriage. We may never know.

Apathy (Song-Sorry):So what are you going say at my funeral now that you killed me? Here lies the  body of the love of my life who’s heart I broke without a gun to her head….. Rest in peace to the one that I took for granted….. Her heaven will be a love without betrayal. Ashes to ashes, dust to side chicks”. 

When the track Sorry starts to play, I was surprised to see Serena Williams twerking to Beyoncé. Beyoncé’s voice radiates her feelings of how she isn’t thinking about her man anymore and that she is not sorry about it. Towards the end of the song Beyoncé says, ” you  better call Becky with the good hair”. Who the hell is Becky, because I can feel the Beyhive  is about to f*ck her up. I feel like Beyoncé has thrown so much shade and it makes me wonder honestly if Jay Z cheated on her with a white woman.


Emptiness/Loss (Song-6 inch): “grief sedated by orgasms”.

Beyoncé describes grieving while also having sex with the man that hurt her. We all know that having sex with your man and not talking about the issues that may have hurt you is probably the worst idea ever. Because after you have sex with them, you will go right back to feeling empty and unfulfilled in the relationship.

On another note, 6 inch is definitely going to be the anthem for women over the summer, and since it features the Weeknd it’s an automatic banger. I can already see girls lip syncing  to this song on Snap Chat in my mind and it hurts. Beyoncé makes powereful statements in the song like, “she don’t got to give it up because she’s a professional” and ” she stacks her money everywhere she goes”. Meaning, the only thing she has time for is being a boss.


Accountability (Song-Daddy Lessons):  “Teach me how to make him beg. Let me make up for the years he made you wait. Did he convince you he was a God? Do his eye close like doors? Am I talking about your husband or your father?”

It is important to reflect and take accountability for not seeing the truths that your friends and family may have attempted to reveal when you were blinded by love. Sometimes in a relationship, love makes you view your partner as almost perfect, convincing you that they could do no wrong.  In many circumstances, a woman’s husband replaces their father in the household. Their husband becomes the protector and the provider within the home (even though Beyoncé doesn’t need a “provider”).  I loved how Beyoncé shows us an old clip from when she was a child with her father; and than shows an updated clip of Jay Z with Blue Ivy. She shows images of the ordinary people in Louisiana, specifically men and  their children. I believe this demonstrates the impact that men have on their daughters when it comes to relationships

Reformation (Song-Love Drought): “Why do you deny yourself heaven, why do you consider yourself so undeserved. Why are you afraid of love?  

Within reformation, there is improvement and alterations for the better. You start to practice self love and truly began to understand your worth and what you deserve. Sometimes we put up with the same sh*t within a relationship because we don’t know how much we deserve and are afraid of really feeling loved. We see Beyoncé laying in the middle of a football field dressed in white. We then see her leading a group of women dressed in white into the water. In my opinion it looks like a Baptism, which is a sign of purification.


Forgiveness (Song-Sand Castles):”If we’re going to heal, let it be glorious”. 

This was probably my favorite emotion that Beyoncé portrayed, mainly because I wasn’t expecting to actually see Jay Z . Beyoncé shows us how she forgave through the pain.  Both Beyonce and Jay Z have done a really good job at keeping their problems within their relationship from the public eye. For the first time, we are able to see some raw emotions from the both of them. If you are going to maintain a relationship after someone has cheated, make sure the healing process is extraordinary or “glorious”. This is not an excuse for men everywhere to band together and say if Beyoncé can forgive Jay Z, then my girl should be able to forgive my cheating a**.  No.



Resurrection (Song-Forward):You are terrifying, strange and beautiful”.

Hope (Song-Freedom): “A winner doesn’t quit on themself”.

Beyoncé shows us how she has resurrected into someone new and has gained freedom from the infidelity in her relationship. The song Forward features one of my favorite artists, James Blake, and as it played we were  overwhelmed by the visuals of the lives that were loss to include Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown. This moment made me love Beyoncé even more because, she reached out to these families and made them apart of something powerful.

Redemption (Song-All Night): In the last emotion, Beyoncé describes the old fashioned  process of making lemonade. “You discovered the antidote in your own kitchen.  You passed the instructions down to your daughter who then passed it down to her daughter”. In a clip from Jay Z’s grandmother Hattie’s 90th birthday party she states  “she was served lemons but she made lemonade”. The video ends with clips of couples showing love for each other and we even get a clip from Beyoncé and Jay Z’s very private wedding ceremony.   “My love was stronger  than your pride”. Pride is one of the top reasons why relationships fail and she let’s us know that her love outshined the ego of a man.

What did you all think of Lemonade? If you haven’t already listened or watched the visual, you can access both on Tidal.


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