5 Reasons Why Being Petty With An Ex On Social Media Is A Bad Idea

Most of us have been through a significant break up within our lives and in today’s society , breakups are seen as a race. We race to see who will move on first and there’s always a competition on social media to see who will be the “pettiest”. I personally love the couples that post faithfully about their relationship every week. They never miss a WCW or a MCM post. They are committed to posting their fancy dinner dates and basic relationship memes that remind us that we are missing out on their picture perfect union and love. Then all of a sudden, the posts stop! That’s when I know that things have hit the fan, and the posts about how they’re finding themselves and how they will patiently wait for the “right one” begin. This is the turning point, where I know the plot will thicken and  social media pettiness will be at an all time high. So I brace myself….Celebrities aren’t the only people that enjoy putting their business on social media for the world to see.


Shows You Still Care

Though your ex may fire some social media jabs, it is important to refrain from revenge. Trust me when I say, your ex expects you to retaliate and defend yourself. They want to know they still have a hold on you and some control. By responding to their social media pettiness, you are showing you still care and that your life is impacted by what they have to say about you. Which they don’t, right? Right.
Though I can’t say the same for Hazel, I still have exes that force me to quote scriptures from the bible of  Queen Bey on a daily basis to keep my life in formation. “The best revenge is your paper”.   Unlike your ex, move on with your life and let someone that is on your level find you. Your ex clearly is not . 
2. This May Not Be The End
There is nothing I hate more than seeing a couple on social media go from Ally and Noah from the Notebook to Heidi and Spencer from the Hills. Some people claim that they want couple goals like Barack and Michelle but, are dealing with Love and Hip Hop type drama. If you know that there is even a slight chance that you may return to an ex, what is the point of being petty and airing out their dirty laundry via social media. I literally know people that will go through a break up and  claim on social media that their partner was broke, has herpes, cheated on them with a transsexual , eats everyone’s booty like groceries and then a week later will post a picture of them on social media about their unbreakable love. Now the both of you look stupid. Good job. Though I love drama, now I’m thinking does that mean you have herpes too? There really is no need to put your relationship drama on social media for my pleasure.
  3. Pettiness Is a Form of Flattery
As I said previously, I have direct experience with petty exes and responding to them shows you still care about them. Your ex being petty against you on social media, however, shows they obviously care about you. Their petty statements, memes, diss records and pictures are all forms of flattery. If they still feel the need to throw any form of shade at you or the relationship  they just simply are not past it. No, I am not saying to take this as a sign that you should attempt to rekindle any flames or text them but, you should take it as a sign of praise. You are basically a celebrity in their life, congratulations! If they have gone further to speak on your friends or family via social media that automatically qualifies you for a spot at the A-List table. They care that much about you to still indirectly speak on your behalf. My advice is to block them, and to continue to post unbothered selfies and fun times with your friends.


4. Takes Too Much Energy

Being petty on social media honestly takes way too much energy. Instead of coming up with clever sub tweets and Instagram posts to expose your  ex and ultimately demolish their character; you could be focusing on your own life. Sure it may be satisfying, but so is experiencing the freedom of not having a care in the world. Direct your energy into the things that truly matter in your life.

5.   Let’s Everyone Know that You are Invested in Old Baggage.

You never want to move on too quickly from a break up. It is important to give yourself necessary time to heal and to sometimes discover what you truly desire from your partner. However, let’s just say your potential husband or wife has been stalking your page for months but, never said anything because they wanted to respect your relationship. What if now, they have visited your social media to see that you are being petty against your ex and obviously showing that you are still invested in your old baggage. At that point, they are most likely going to keep scrolling past your unwanted drama and not look back. You played yourself.


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