Why People Hate Kim Kardashian’s Sexiness

65 million followers and counting on instagram is enough power to inflict some real evil on the world, or in Kim Kardashian’s case, it’s just another opportunity to break the internet. Sure we love scrolling through our feed and seeing that our favorite celebrities have blessed us yet again with another glimpse into their every day life; but when someone like Kim Kardashian posts a naked selfie why all the uproar (Chloe Moretz and Bette Middler)? Here’s why we think some women are intimidated by other women with sex appeal.

If you spend as much time as I do on Instagram you can already expect to see someone half naked. Whether that be a celebrity, one of your friends or maybe even a family member; a little peep show is inevitable. We’re always left with two choices: keep scrolling or stare at it and hit that like button.

Women have always been hyper sexualized in many different cultures and while that may anger some, it’s interesting to us. I know you’re probably thinking, “Ariel and Hazel love controversy; of course they’re  entertained by the world’s lack of morals.” While that may be true, we like to think we’re slightly more dimensional than that because, with the utter of one 3 letter word a range of emotions get sparked. SEX.

Did that get your panties in a bunch or shiver your timbers? Maybe it made your mind race to a couple of different places (please don’t elaborate in our comments section). No matter how you reacted, you probably did react because that’s how powerful that little word is. Whether the world tries to fight it with religious groups, women activists, or Teen Mom; sex controls many of us. Now it’s so accessible to the point that all we have to do is fire up a phone, tablet or computer and bam, boobs everywhere.

So when celebrities, sex symbols or models  decide to inflict blue balls on all their male followers by embracing their sex appeal, why do so many women get offended?


It all goes back to that three letter word, SEX. Usually the only people offended are conservatives or really uptight people that probably haven’t been laid and are sick of being reminded how they’ll never have a shot. But for a lot of us women, its a personal attack.

How dare these beautiful, rich and famous celebrities make my partner’s eyes jump out of their  head— followed by a long silent bathroom break? Well to be fair, that’s just how the world works and we as women know that. One good quality flash of a boob, butt or waist line will make some men rethink their lives. Though this may be true, this is not the case for all men. Just because men can’t control their love of a woman’s body, doesn’t mean they’re ready to trade you in for an upgrade. So why do we allow ourselves as women to drown in our own insecurities? Is it what they make our partners do or is it how they make us feel inadequate?

Let’s be real, us women don’t like it because were competitive, and sometimes very insecure. Being an admirer of all things beautiful myself, I have always made sure to let my boyfriend know that looking doesn’t carry nearly the same punishment as touching. I may be selfishly permitting this behavior because I like to get my looks but no touches in with James Franco, Idris Elba and several characters on Game of Thrones but you get the point. Why can’t we just be in relationships and know that our partner is with us because they chose to be with us, they weren’t forced.


By letting my partner know I’m not intimidated by another woman, gives him a sense of pride that what he’s looking at may be nice but my woman is better. It might be a bit of reverse psychology but it works. I’ve been on the receiving end of jealous insecure women and it’s honestly just annoying. Women don’t have to go out of their way to support each other but the least we could do is leave other women alone; even if they want to put their boobs on display.

As a parting gift, my tip to all women out there is to embrace who you are, what you look like and if you’re in a relationship be confident in your partner and you. It’s not going to affect your finances, life, well being or relationships so can we just be worried about real issues? Like why the hell JoJo was the runner up on the Bachelor? If any picture of any person naked or not is enough to make your partner leave you, then the big guy upstairs did you a favor by making them exit stage left anyways.

Thanks for visiting our blog and leave some comments below on why you think women hate other women being sexy.

Written by : Hazel of the Dahlia Girls

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