Wiz Kahlifa Private NY Listening Session

New York City has so much more to offer than the overwhelming aromas of trash, food, and pigeon sh*t. People flock to this city for opportunities and dreams, no matter how far fetched and stupid your mom says they are. After spending exactly 48 hours in the city, Ariel and myself experienced a small dream come true when we were invited to Wiz Khalifa’s private listening session.

When we first arrived to the venue, I realized the hidden exclamation in the word “private” and “invite only” because only 75 people (give or take) could comfortably squeeze inside the small space. After finding a comfortable spot, a waitress asked us if we wanted a tattoo. Obviously we assumed this was a clever name they made up for a liquor beverage. But after she insisted we put our names on the list to get tatted by Wiz’s personal tattoo artist, it all started to make irrational sense when we jumped on the chance. Why not head back home with some new ink, we figured? A couple heavy drinks later, we succumbed to a YOLO moment. Even through our tipsy haze we knew the moment Wiz arrived when the flashes from everyone’s cameras lit the venue up. He casually walked in, grabbed the mic and thanked everyone for coming out and then told the dj to start playing his new album.


I’m not a big fan of hip hop but I absolutely loved the new sound Wiz created on his latest album titled “Khalifa”. Wiz said in a previous interview that he wanted to go back to the basics, and the original sound that made him famous. I think he recreated that sound with a fresh twist to it.
One track that was exceptionally sweet was a tribute to his son Sebastian. His toddler even made a small feature on “Khalifa” repping “Taylor Gang” after Wiz asked him to say it. Wiz gave a proud chuckle over Sebastian pledging to the friendly group.

We’re sure his baby mother Amber Rose must’ve been proud. She was a random but very pleasant surprise at Wiz’s listening party. If you’ve been trying to break some sort of social media addiction by staying away from wifi (which is the only way you wouldn’t have seen their very public break-up) then you wouldn’t wonder why this was so shocking. But don’t worry, this story is coming to a blog post near you very soon.

His current single out now “Bake Sale” featuring Travis Scott, is a nice preview to the rest of his album. Where most of “Khalifa” had a ‘laid back’ feel to it. One track in particular Wiz sang “I was just hoping you called, to see, you don’t have nothing at all” over a cool reggae type beat that made me want to light a ‘happy tree’ (as my parents call it) and relax on a cabana at the beach.
Even the drink menu (that was free and unlimited all night) was a nice shout out to some of his tracks on “Khalifa”. “BTS”, “Celebrate”, and “Elevated” are the name of the first three tracks on his new album, as well as the only drink options on the menu.


This was basically a “live like wiz Khalifa for the night” invite, especially when we saw the complimentary rolling papers, Khalifa branded lighters, and large blunt balloons at every turn.

I can honestly say I’m excited for “Khalifa” to publicly drop tomorrow so everyone can enjoy the album and sort of ‘live like wiz’ for a couple hours. When the album drops, you’ll be able to fully understand me. Until then, I’m going to work on loosing this Khalifa induced hang over.
Let us know in the comment section how you feel about Wiz’s new album and make sure to pick up “Khalifa” in stores tomorrow February 5th.

Written By : Hazel of the Dahlia Girls

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