Rihanna Releases New Anti Album, Proves She hates her fans

One of our last wishes in 2015 was to have the queen herself Rihanna dominate the airwaves with new music; although that never happened, she finally decided to bless us in 2016 with a brand new album. Unlike her previous albums that competed with the best musicians in the world (as far as radio play) this album screamed a big “F” you to every radio station and main stream outlet she could think of. She basically gave zero f*cks about her fans ever hearing her on the radio again because we more than likely won’t, with her indie approach to her latest album Anti.

rihanna2015_anti_universal-music_565January 27th was a big day for Rihanna ‘Navy’ fans after she relentlessly teased us by releasing a new single with Drake titled “Work”. Everybody in the digital stratosphere scurried to hear the casual dance ballad, but don’t expect a sequel to their 2010 “What’s My Name” single. “Work” can easily be previewed or downloaded but let me warn that it is in no way capable of preparing you for what the album actually is.

Tidal also gave zero cares for the Barbados singer it seemed, since they were the ones to “accidentally” leak her album. As if Jay-Z doesn’t hate technology enough, the album was removed from the streaming site just 20 minutes after the leak. But we all know that, that’s plenty of time for people on the internet to use and abuse ‘accidental leaks’. Which is just what they did to the crooner’s new album before she decided to allow a free download of all 13 tracks, to whoever wanted to join in on the abuse.

People instantly lost their sh*t, including myself. That’s when I decided to make a nice little happy drink on Wednesday night (this is a place of zero judgement) and listen to Rihanna’s latest work.

Ok, so I had to listen to her album again this morning, with a sober mind, to really digest what my ears were working to process. Why? You ask. Because this is a different Rihanna from the one we last heard in 2013.  She’s highly evolved into something different and even though we may not be used to this new “Rihanna” Anti proves how exceedingly confident she is in the artist she’s become. Yes she’s the queen of reinventing herself but this seemed more like a rebellion than a revamp. The first song on her new album “Consideration” is a testament to that.

Within the first few seconds of playing her album its almost like an overwhelming sense of trying to place which Rihanna were listening to? Is it the angry “revenge is sweet” Rihanna, the over sexualized “can you get it up” Rihanna, or the depressed “I can pretend i’m not lonely” Rihanna? Well, Its neither of those. Instead its like getting to know a whole new musician. Critically this album will probably go up in the flames of glory; as far as main stream radio, it would take a little open mindedness and a lot of brain washing to seep its way in the car every morning on the way to work.

And she … ok i’m officially done here because I can go on for another three days about how eerily different her sound is. But all in all, I truly enjoyed Anti and I think it may be a little too artistic for some palate’s but I highly recommend everyone go download her album for free before she changes her mind (it’s free, you won’t regret it anyways)!

List of 13 Tracks :

Consideration feat. Sza

James Joint

Kiss It Better

Work feat. Drake



Needed Me

Yeah, I said It

Same Ol’ Mistakes

Never Ending

Love On The Brain


Close To You

This Friday January 29th Rihanna is rumored to be releasing the deluxe version of her album with an additional 3 tracks on it. My guess is that’ll be “BBHMM”, “American Oxygen”, and “Four Five Seconds”, but after listening to Anti, those songs don’t necessarily make sense, so who really knows?

Want to get Anti for free? Head to Rihanna’s twitter account and click on the link provided to get the entire album, free. I will say I almost threw my phone out of the nearest window because it wouldn’t download, so if you find yourself in the same predicament try downloading from a computer.

Let us know how you feel about Rihanna’s new album Anti if you’ve had the chance to hear it and which tracks you think might make the radio?

Written By : Hazel of the Dahlia Girls

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