Why people go back to their ex

Every time you go back to your parents house there’s an overwhelming feeling of being back in a familiar place that makes you all warm inside. Your room is an exact replica of the last time you saw it, that old chair in the corner still creaks every time you sit in it and your stash of weed is in it’s exact same hiding place. This may have been a weird scenario to compare old relationships too but the feeling of familiarity is usually the reason most of us go back to our ex.  Continue reading “Why people go back to their ex”

Are they cheating or are you just insecure?

We all know the most basic signs of a cheater; dwindling sex life, suspicious phone activity, and who could forget the late nights at the office but there’s two sides to every coin. What if I dared to debate your friends assumptions that your partner was a cheating scumbag and told you that you just might be the problem. Strike a nerve? I’m just playing devils advocate, so let’s discuss this before the hate mail starts rolling in. Continue reading “Are they cheating or are you just insecure?”

Best 2017 Met Gala Looks

The first Monday in May has come and gone that means the Met Gala has as well. So while the rest of us were preparing for work on Tuesday, the rich and famous gathered for fashions biggest night in NYC. Here’s some of the best and worst looks of the night:

Continue reading “Best 2017 Met Gala Looks”

Why He Never Called Back

If I had an oracle or a magic crystal ball that could answer any question I would need to know 3 things; the cure to cancer, how the Kardashians did it and why are men so confusing. In case you ever wondered what I spend my time thinking about, it’s those three mysteries of life. Thanks to a crash course in the world of dating and a lot of tequila, I may have come closer to figuring out men and why they do the shit they do.  Let’s discuss these findings. Continue reading “Why He Never Called Back”

How to Spy on Your Boyfriend (and not get caught)

If there’s one thing I got almost too good at in my previous relationship it was snooping. Now think what you want but a little peek here and there can do a relationship good when there’s nothing to be found. The real problems start when you find out Dominos isn’t really a pizza shop in his phone. In that case it would be time to plot a criminal act and not get caught. But before we get there let’s talk about how to scratch that curiosity itch and snoop on your boyfriend: Continue reading “How to Spy on Your Boyfriend (and not get caught)”

#amKills: Yellow Claw releases new single “Stacks”featuring Quavo, Tinie Tempah and CESQEAUX

Duo Yellow Claw, did not disappoint in their latest track Stacks  which completely defies genre expectations. igos member, Quavo, who is already dominating the hip hop scene with Bad and Boujee which was recently certified platinum. Who knew that the world was ready for a Quavo and Yellow Claw collaboration. Tinie Tempah released Junk Food about a couple years ago and has also started 2017 with three new tracks.  Continue reading “#amKills: Yellow Claw releases new single “Stacks”featuring Quavo, Tinie Tempah and CESQEAUX”

I Want to Save Money But, M.AC is Launching at Ulta 

This is not a drill.

M.A.C products will officially be hitting the shelves in Ulta stores in the near future. My first thought was that M.A.C would lose some of it’s exclusivity by being available in  Ulta, but, this will be a great chance to widen their audience. As an added bonus, no one will ever have to deal with the sometimes bitchy employees at the M.A.C counter ever again if they don’t want to…..and I’m confident that no one wants to.

bitch-gif.gif Continue reading “I Want to Save Money But, M.AC is Launching at Ulta “

Why Do I Get Bored of My Partners? | #SnapConfessional

Another #SnapChatConfessional slid into our DM’s and I think we all have been in a similar situation such as this one; so why don’t we all just sit in a circle, hold hands, and talk about how much we hate ourselves?  The snap confession reads: Continue reading “Why Do I Get Bored of My Partners? | #SnapConfessional”

Couples Who Have Less Sex Are Happier

When I mention the word “sex” what exactly comes to mind? In case your brain got suck on kinky fetishes or sweaty intercourse, there’s a bit of a science being developed around sex now. Doctors and psychologists alike have realized there’s more to sex than procreation and whatever day time television has led us to believe. Now thanks to the study of sex, it’s become a indicator on how mentally and emotionally healthy someone may be. Continue reading “Couples Who Have Less Sex Are Happier”

Everyone is Losing Their Minds Over Ciara’s Maternity Shoot

I never really got the whole controversy or negativity towards women and their styles for maternity shoots. The whole point of a maternity photo shoot is to highlight a woman’s femininity and elegance, which of course is displayed at the discretion of the woman. It’s almost as if every time Ciara and Russell Wilson are discussed as a family in the media, there’s always some conspiracy explanation that they are trying to get back at Future. People really believe that Ciara comes up with these elaborate publicity stunts to drive Future to choke on Percocets  and make a scene……

Continue reading “Everyone is Losing Their Minds Over Ciara’s Maternity Shoot”

Why Being Black Is Not Good for Business

Ok everyone, brace yourselves; I’m about to mention that four little word that has literally started wars. That little-big word is race. Feel the hairs stand up on your body yet? If not this post will probably get you going and not in a good way but blame society not me. Anyways let’s talk about why being black isn’t always good for business: Continue reading “Why Being Black Is Not Good for Business”

Ground Zero Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

Brothers and co-designers Philip and Eri Chu delivered one of the most refreshing fashion shows that I’ve seen to date. The show was exclusively inside a contemporary Chinese restaurant, Chinese Chalet, which also doubles as an eccentric after hours party spot in the heart of FiDi .  The Ground Zero designers were last season’s VFILES finalists,  so we were prepared for some surprises. The name of the show was titled Midnight Express, which was inspired by the nightlife scene in Hong Kong as adolescents and the co-designer’s deep rooted fascination with fashion. Philip Chu stated at the presentation that it opened his eyes and was the first time he got the chance to see really cool people.

Continue reading “Ground Zero Fall/Winter 2017 Collection”

Remy Ma vs Nicki Minaj : Who Won?

Alright hip hop fans, theres another beef hitting the rap-sphere but its not the average rapper battle, this time it’s Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma. Sorry, I almost chuckled. No matter whose side you’re on, there is a clear winner here. Let’s take a closer look at the Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj show down:  Continue reading “Remy Ma vs Nicki Minaj : Who Won?”

Get Rid of Stress Now!

One useful skill I recently learned a few months ago was how to center my energy. By doing this, I have learned how to manipulate my mind (as bad as that sounds) to see the upside in almost every situation. This has brought me a great deal of peace and the best part is it’s like being on a natural high all the time. Want to learn how to get some relief from the stress of the day? Keep reading to find out one of the best methods for stress management: Continue reading “Get Rid of Stress Now!”

Why You Should Have A Passion

So I was just thinking to myself recently about how people work and then die ( I know, its a little grim). Im not talking about the people that have jobs and careers that they genuinely love. Even someone working at McDonald’s could be happier than the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, why is that? Because that person found their passion, no matter what the job is. Here’s why its important to have a purpose. Continue reading “Why You Should Have A Passion”

Judge Orders Chris Brown to Stay Away from his Ex Karrueche After He Threatens to Kill Her

It’s a Tuesday and Chris Brown is trending on Twitter once again, but of course it’s not due to his many talents or a dope ass new song. In fact, the only time I feel as though people really give Chris Brown any “real” attention is when he’s being aggressive or throwing an annual tantrum for the media. It’s been almost two years since Iyanla failed to fix Karrueche’s life and it appears that Chris Brown is still not backing down on tormenting her even though their four year long relationship ended a while ago. Chris Brown is literally the epitome of an ex that crawled up from the pits of hell just to ruin your life.


Continue reading “Judge Orders Chris Brown to Stay Away from his Ex Karrueche After He Threatens to Kill Her”

Why You Have Haters

There are soul sucking, lie spewing, obsessed freaks of nature out there called haters. They are dedicated to their passion, their work ethic is as efficient as Beyonce’s, and they never clock out. There are some out there that wish these types of people didn’t exist and I understand the frustration but if we rounded up all the haters and got rid of them, then who would we laugh at? There is an upside to having haters as annoying as they are. Let’s talk about why they even exist. Continue reading “Why You Have Haters”

How to Fix Your Trust Issues

Have you had your heart broken by some loser ex that you wouldn’t mind getting hit by a bus? Has a very special someone in your life let you down or disappointed you? Do you think all men or all women are the same? If you answered yes to any of these questions, congratulations, you’ve been officially diagnosed with trust issues. It’s a contagious, soul draining disease that can only be cured one way. Want to find out how? Keep reading for the cure : Continue reading “How to Fix Your Trust Issues”

Best Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts for Free

Since coming out of my hangover and realizing it’s Valentine’s Day I’ve seen a lot of men and women struggling to find the perfect gift for that special someone. Well I’m about to reveal the perfect gift to get your valentine today plus it’s free. Continue reading “Best Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts for Free”

How single people should spend Valentine’s Day

I don’t know if I’m the best candidate to even write this post because I actually forgot it was Valentine’s Day until some random man on the street wished me a happy one. That’s when it all set in, “it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re single af” but what didn’t set in was a strong spell of depression; and even I was shocked. It actually just feels like another day to me (this is coming from someone that doesn’t even celebrate their birthday). Anyways, here’s how to avoid those crying spells on Valentine’s. Continue reading “How single people should spend Valentine’s Day”

(Watch Now) Beyonce’s Grammy Performance

The biggest night in music is back, with the industry’s biggest stars coming together for that honorable nod (except Kanye of course). There were more than a few fails at this years Grammy’s as well as a few wtf moments but if there was one performance that saved the night, it was Beyonce’s. It was a family affair as husband Jay-z and daughter Blu Ivy along with Tina Knowles watched on as queen Bey performed “Love Drought” and “Sandcastles”.  Continue reading “(Watch Now) Beyonce’s Grammy Performance”

Friends with Benefits More Stressful Than a Relationship

There’s a huge myth circulating the dating world that dating without labels is easier or less stressful than a relationship but I have to detest. Whoever created this lie has clearly never been involved in a friends with benefits situation-ship so why is this so widely believed? Let’s break down a few reasons as to why relationships are probably easier than a fuck buddy. Continue reading “Friends with Benefits More Stressful Than a Relationship”

6 Signs He’s a F*ckboy

Whenever I meet a cute guy I go through a bit of a process. Is he good looking? Can he keep a conversation going? Did I get bored? Did he ask me for my number or my Instagram account (major key)? And this process is completed within the first 5 minutes of meeting someone. I know, I’m not very reasonable with the time clock but who has time to really get to know people anymore (why I’m single)? I may not have figured out how to tell if he’s husband material in the first 5 minutes or even 5 years of knowing someone but I have mastered the skill set of fuck boy detection. Here’s a few signs that you’re dealing with a fuck boy : Continue reading “6 Signs He’s a F*ckboy”

Do Women Really Care About Valentine’s Day ?

Valentine’s Day is approaching and every year people take the holiday as another opportunity to show appreciation for their partner. Men often feel  that if they don’t  go all out for  their partner  on Valentine’s Day, then he/she will not be satisfied . There is a huge double standard that Valentine’s Day is solely to please women, while men often get the short end of the stick. Buying tacky teddy bears and fancy steak dinners, does not equate to a future for your relationship after Valentine’s Day. Do women really care how much money you spend on them on the special day ?

Continue reading “Do Women Really Care About Valentine’s Day ?”

Dreams Really Do Come True, Sometimes | #ImSoReckless

Wow so Ari and myself are finally moving to New York City! Its been a crazy week full of emotional ups and downs, I hate you and I love you’s; who knew going after your dreams could cause so much drama? What’s supposed to be the most exciting time of our lives has quickly turned into the worst time ever. Here’s our latest #ImSoReckless: Continue reading “Dreams Really Do Come True, Sometimes | #ImSoReckless”

My Ex Hurt Me, How do I Move On? | #SnapConfessional

New snap confession in and hot off the press! So sit back, relax and enjoy as we try to figure out this thing, game, nightmare we call life. As you all may know we have a segment called #SnapConfessionals where people submit questions or life experiences to us that they may have never shared with anyone else and we offer our honest opinion as they remain anonymous. This week’s confession reads:  Continue reading “My Ex Hurt Me, How do I Move On? | #SnapConfessional”

What Your Girlfriend Really Thinks about the Super Bowl

O.M.G. the playoffs have officially ended and now its time for boobs, booze and football! How freaking exciting is that? I mean it’s going to be like 20-30 guys on a field at any given moment all fighting to the death over a ball; a ball. Of course theres rules too, you’re not allowed to intentionally hurt anyone (even though you have to tackle people to get the upper hand), be a sore loser, or do anything that could be deemed as anything other than family friendly (major key). Marking next Sunday in your calendar yet? Probably not if you ask your girlfriend or wife the same question. Here’s what us women really think about football. Continue reading “What Your Girlfriend Really Thinks about the Super Bowl”

Electric Zoo: The 6th Boro will be Returning to New York

We are thrilled to see that the music festival, Electric Zoo, will be back this year with another amazing event at Randall Island with a twist. Continue reading “Electric Zoo: The 6th Boro will be Returning to New York”

Are You in a Relationship or a Partnership?

Ok so someone should seriously alert whoever’s in charge of issuing common sense that society, as we know it, is on the brink of definite failure. Why the dramatics you ask? Well yesterday while I was casually conducting my weekly Instagram sweep, I came across an unforgivable post. It was a picture of Stevie J and Joseline and the caption read “Couple Goals”. To make matters worse, it had likes, like 60 of them. This lead me to wonder exactly how Instagram would allow such fuckery and when we as people began calling wrong, right and toxic, healthy. Lets look at why its always better to be in a partnership vs a relationship. Continue reading “Are You in a Relationship or a Partnership?”

3 Reasons Why Independent Women are a Turn-Off

Destiny’s child said it best “All the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me!” I guess they were too busy gassing up all us females to follow this song up with a “how to be independent and in a healthy relationship” sequel. Well we’re going to get down to the bottom of why independent women who should be considered ‘trophy wives’ are a bit of a turn off for some. Here’s some reasons why most independent women are single af : Continue reading “3 Reasons Why Independent Women are a Turn-Off”

I Only Date Guys With Money, Am I Shallow? | #SnapConfessional

Its that time again, snap confession time that is! So sit back, relax and enjoy as we all try to maneuver through life love and all things embarrassing. As you all may know we have a segment called #SnapConfessionals where people submit questions or life experiences to us and we give them our honest opinion while they remain anonymous. The confession reads: Continue reading “I Only Date Guys With Money, Am I Shallow? | #SnapConfessional”

Men Don’t Like Women That Wear Weave

If I could waste my time doing anything else right now I would, even if my only option was to stare at a wall but unfortunately there’s people out there that actually care about this topic. Too harsh? Don’t blame me, men caring about women’s hairstyle is a literal sign that the human race is failing. So, do men really prefer women that don’t wear weave over the ones that do? Continue reading “Men Don’t Like Women That Wear Weave”

What To do When Your Friend Dates Your Ex

I am still feeling the sad aftermath of Bella Hadid and the Weekend’s split but to make it even worse, Bella’s apparent friend Selena Gomez is now smashing her ex. Why Selena, why? Im doing my best not to judge Selena. I mean who knows? Maybe Justin Bieber stopped responding to her texts and the Weekend took an opportune moment to swoon her with some of his impressive high notes. Thats the lie I’m going with and don’t try to sway me. Anyways, if you ever find yourself in Bella’s shoes, heres what to do when your friend starts dating (or smashing) your ex : Continue reading “What To do When Your Friend Dates Your Ex”

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

What do you want out of life? Think about it, now imagine it. Is it a new car, a better job, want to get married? Maybe these goals are too small for you, maybe you’re thinking more along the lines of a Lamborghini, a couple penthouse suites and a bunch of comas in your bank account. What if I told you, you could have all of it? No I’m serious it could all be yours. Here’s how to get it: Continue reading “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life”

How to Properly Cut Someone Tf Off

We all have those friendships, relationships or “situationships” that eventually runs into a speed bump, crashes into a nearby ditch and then tragically explodes.  Just because the two of you went up in the flames of glory doesn’t mean you have to suffer the lifetime consequences of third degree burns. For those with difficulties letting go,  I’ve selflessly decided to volunteer as tribute in hopes of prying the past out of some of your stubborn hands. Here’s how to properly cut someone the fuck off. Continue reading “How to Properly Cut Someone Tf Off”

LA made me insecure, Help! | #SnapConfession

New confession came in that I thought was perfect to share with you all because why not bond over shared insecurities and relatable fails at life. As you all may know, we have a segment called Snap Confessionals where people submit questions or life experiences to us and we give them our honest opinion while they remain anonymous. The confession read : Continue reading “LA made me insecure, Help! | #SnapConfession”

Get Fuller Lips Now

I don’t know if theres anything worse than chapped lips and just to up the ante, almost everyone neglects this important body part. Well chap no more because now you can cure that pout with ingredients right from your kitchen. You can even save a few bucks this way since according to most beauty stores, an ounce of lip scrub is worth $20. Not to my pockets! Now let’s talk ingredients so we can start undermine everything Sephora sells. Continue reading “Get Fuller Lips Now”

Plastic surgery is for insecure women?

“Plastic Surgery” are two little words that invoke a lot of emotion from all types of people. Some equate cosmetic surgery to one of the wonders of the world (the people that love it), others see it as a horrible form of devil worshipping that needs to be put to an end (the people that hate it), then there are the select few that literally could care less about plastic surgery and who gets it (no seriously, some people don’t care). Despite these conflicting opinions, they all may have one thought in common; “cosmetic procedures are for insecure people.” I apologize for the ignorance in that last sentence. I even had to take a shot of espresso after typing that, now that I’m wired on caffeine and fired up let’s debate this a little.  Continue reading “Plastic surgery is for insecure women?”

Diplo and AutoErotique Create the Ultimate Party Anthem “Waist Time”

Diplo and AutoErotique have started 2017 off with a bang with their collaboration for “Waist Time”. I’m already anticipating that it is going to be the ultimate twerk anthem at a few festivals this year. “Waist Time” features a significant Caribbean feel, while also staying true to the electro house styling. Diplo is a god in his own right of meshing together Caribbean flavors and creating a contagious turn up vibe so I am not surprised by the feel of this track.

Continue reading “Diplo and AutoErotique Create the Ultimate Party Anthem “Waist Time””

Social Media Really Ruins Lives? 

Ever heard someone blame their break-up on Facebook? Or their most recent fight with a friend over an instagram post they took the wrong way? Or someone claiming Pinterest made them file for bankruptcy? If you’re logged in to the world of social media then you probably have heard these deplorable accusations. But the real question is, can social media ruin lives? Continue reading “Social Media Really Ruins Lives? “

#amKills Exclusive 01/06

It’s another week which means you are graced with another exclusive #amKills playlist to get you through the weekend! If you’re somewhere in the east in the U.S, you may be experiencing some cabin fever from the random blizzard we had today . Nonetheless , no matter where you areour #amKills playlist is just what you need to bring you up to speed on some new tunes and artists to watch in the EDM scene.

This week we decided to bless you with some special underground artists that are completely changing the game and we even threw in some new tracks from a few of our favorite artists that are more mainstream.

Continue reading “#amKills Exclusive 01/06”

Nicki Minaj is Officially Single Again?

It was always difficult for me to really accept the fact that Nicki Minaj  and Meek Mill were an actual couple.  It was almost as if Meek Mill was Nicki Minaj’s rebound love after the 12 year long romance with Safaree , which is never a good idea no matter how famous you are. This morning, Nicki Minaj made it known via twitter that she is officially a single woman again…and all I could think of was Drake’s verse from Back to Back:

” Not even when she tell ’em that they better as friends, Not even when you sayin’, “Drizzy, tell ’em again”.

I really wonder what Meek Mill did or if Nicki just wanted a fresh start for 2017 like the rest of us. At least Meek Mill can sleep a little bit more soundly knowing that Nicki didn’t leave him  when he was getting cyber bullied to death during his period of excessive losses…..



Continue reading “Nicki Minaj is Officially Single Again?”

Viceland Presents New Scripted Series “What Would Diplo Do?”

“What Would Diplo Do” will be Viceland’s first ever scripted series and first comedy as well. Diplo continues to show people that he’s more than a DJ and it never ceases to surprise me how he doesn’t aim to stay in one lane. The series will be based on a “A Day in the Life”, which was a short video released in June 2016 to promotes Diplo’s Mad Decent Block Party [ VIDEO BELOW].

Continue reading “Viceland Presents New Scripted Series “What Would Diplo Do?””

He’s in a relationship, but I still want to sleep with him?

This is the perfect spot to insert the rolling eyes emoji because that’s exactly how I feel about this confession. As you all may know, we have a segment called Snap Confessionals where people submit questions to us and we give them our honest opinion, while they remain anonymous. This question came in hot off the press yesterday morning and I’m still feeling some type of way so how do I vent my frustrations? Blog about it to you all of course.

There’s only one of a few ways for this scenario to end so let’s discuss the train wreck that crashed into our dm’s yesterday. Continue reading “He’s in a relationship, but I still want to sleep with him?”

More Lip Kits? Caitlyn Jenner Announces Line with MAC Cosmetics

I sincerely thought that after the train wreck of “I Am Cait” was cancelled last year on the E and  all the rumors of a reverse transition, Caitlyn Jenner was gone from the “spotlight”. Just when I thought 2017 would be free of  Caitlyn Jenner, she announced via Twitter that she will be launching a product line with MAC Cosmetics on January 5th, 2017……

Continue reading “More Lip Kits? Caitlyn Jenner Announces Line with MAC Cosmetics”

5 Real Reasons Men Turn Down Sex from Women

We live in a world where men are portrayed as sexual beasts that can’t seem to think about anything other than “getting their rocks off”. I can easily say with confidence, a huge majority of women automatically assume that a man simply wants sex when he’s being genuine or makes a nice gesture towards her…. it’s pathetic. It’s shocking when you hear a man turning down sex from a woman, especially if she is beautiful.When a man turns down sex from an attractive woman, he is usually shamed or called gay  for his decision. There is a definite double standards when it comes to the initiation of sex between genders. Women want men to show more than just their sexual appetite, but when women show the same it can sometimes be intimidating and unwanted by men. Instead of assuming that the men that choose to decline sexual advances from women are homesexual here are 5 Real Reasons Men Turn Down Sex:  Continue reading “5 Real Reasons Men Turn Down Sex from Women”

Kylie Stars in NSFW Video with Boyfriend Tyga for New Music Career? (Video Below)

Kylie Jenner has to be the worst gift giver ever as she releases a NSFW video with boyfriend Tyga on Christmas. Anyone else smell a Kylie & Tyga spin-off coming? Not only did Kim K’s little sis almost ruin Christmas for everyone but she has everyone questioning if a music career is on the horizon. One can only pray she sticks to her lip kit swatches and Kyshadow creations. Here’s the real scoop on Kylie Jenner’s new music career and racy new video (video below) : Continue reading “Kylie Stars in NSFW Video with Boyfriend Tyga for New Music Career? (Video Below)”

Possible Deadmau5 and Lil Yachty Collaboration in 2017?

At Decadence Arizona, one of America’s biggest NYE festivals, deadmau5 and Marshmello shared the same line up. Deadmau5 and Marshmello have a significant history of beef so  them coincidently having back to back set times created a potential situation of making things worse….(wonder who set that up?).Deadmau5 hit the stage first and the crowd erupted in “boredom” when he decided to switch things up and have a less commercial approach to his discography and take on a more underground feel……or better yet decided to play authentic techno music.

Continue reading “Possible Deadmau5 and Lil Yachty Collaboration in 2017?”

6 Reasons to Date an Older Woman at Least Once

Drake and Jennifer Lopez’s recent  “publicity stunt” of a romance continues to heat up and  it appears to be more fun than games.  It’s no secret that Drake is a professional “soul snatcher” and his involvement with Jlo will probably go down in history as one of his most memorable hookups to date.  I seriously believe deep down  Drake is the ultimate savage and looks at being a male thot as a sport of some sort. Nonetheless, every time I see a picture of Jlo my heart skips a beat knowing that she’s 47 years old and still looks like a goddess. It makes me wonder if Jlo will ever be considered another washed up celebrity.

As of lately, I’ve noticed a lot of older women shutting down society’s shaming and standards of women being considered sexy after a certain age. It’s refreshing to see more and more women maintaining their health and unapologetically wearing what they want. Although I know that this whole Drake and Jlo thing will only last until they release new music, here are 6 Reasons to Date an Older Woman at Least Once.


Continue reading “6 Reasons to Date an Older Woman at Least Once”

#KillFridays Exclusive: NYE Edition

It is yet another Friday, which means we have a dope #KillFridays playlist to get you through the weekend and the festivities of bringing in 2017.  As always, we are KILLING FRIDAYS with some amazing music from various underground artists at different stages in their careers. Normally we spend hours digging through our submissions inbox, our DMs and the comments of our social media platforms, however, today we also chose to take a walk down memory lane. We wanted this playlist to be  special and to feature some of our favorites from the entire year. This was no easy task, considering we only hand pick the best tracks. We don’t choose artists based on their social media following, their amount likes or plays on their Soundcloud. It’s about picking the most talented artists every week to ensure your weekend is “Lit”. Thank us later.

Continue reading “#KillFridays Exclusive: NYE Edition”

Who Won at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards?

The 2017 Billboard Music Awards are never short of surprises so why would this year be any different? Drake has officially beat Adele for the most Billboard Awards wins in one night and consider me not very shocked. Beyonce also had a successful night, not much of a surprise there either. It honestly seemed like every other category either two artists were taking home the win. For those of you that didn’t catch the awards show, heres the list of winners below: Continue reading “Who Won at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards?”

8 Signs He’s in Love

The monumental difference in behavior patterns between liking an loving someone is easier to decipher than we think. Actually it’s not very difficult at all but for those of you trying to read between the lines of every gesture and every text message, theres a way less stressful way to do this. Here’s 8 for sure signs he’s in love: Continue reading “8 Signs He’s in Love”